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Paintball 707

is a first person shooter sports game for single- and multiplayer games. 
Target is to mark the players of the opposite team and capture flags. 


  • for Windows, Linux & Mac PC 
  • 2 teams: green and red 
  • 3 game modes: 
    - Conquest (capture flags)
    - Team Deathmatch (teams fight against each other)
    - Deathmatch (everyone fights against everyone)
  • 8 different scenes: Abandoned Building, Airfield, Arena, Castle, Hangar, Hardcore, Warehouse, Woods 
  • 9 different imaginary paintball markers: M-16 w/scope, M-1928, M-870, M-79, MAC-10, Mosin Sniper, STG-44, Victor 2, XVC-1 
  • some addons like Paintball 'Molotov' and smoke grenades 
  • gimmicks like speed multiplier (x2), gravity (zero gravity), bubbles and slowmotion 

Multiplayer fast and easy
Multiplayer via Photon cloud so you can create MP-rooms and play with your friends fast and easy (no servers required, just an internet connection). 
There are bots in Multiplayer to shorten wait-time for other players. The admin who created the room can kick the bots for each team and play co-op with friends against the bots in other team. Or play completely without bots.

Free of violence
Paintball is a sports game and there's no violence at all. 
Marked players won't die but lay on the ground to show they're hit. 

The game is 100% indie and was made  by just one person. 

707 wth?
The first paintball game in 1981 was played in Henniker, New Hampshire (USA) with a Nel-Spot 707.
So the idea for the title was born. 707 also has a nice sideffect. Just turn it around :)

Support and suggestions

Don't hesitate to contact me if you've got suggestions, any questions or just need support. - Andreas aka Lotte|EoD

Information about license key

Once you purchase the game you automatically get a license key.  You can enter it by typing or just copy the key with STRG+C and paste it in game with STRG+V.  The key just has to be entered once on first game start!

Information about installation

All files come ZIP compressed to save -a lot of- space and download time. Each operating system should be able to uncompress the files with a right-click. But you can also use Unpackers like WinRAR, WinZIP, 7ZIP and many others.

32Bit / 64Bit 
Linux and Mac version of the game come with both: 32 and 64 Bit executables. If you download the Windows version of the game, you get 2 files after unpacking. They start with W32... and W64... This is the label for the kind of Operating System, W32 is for 32Bit Windows, 64 for 64Bit!   You can see what Operating System is installed on your machine if you right click on 'Computer' on the desktop!

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Buy Now$5.99 USD or more

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