RC Fun City - Update - Controller support and much more

RC Fun City was updated to v1.0.086 today and it comes with a lot of new stuff.

Controller support

The vehicles can now be controlled with most controllers and joysticks.
Steam and Xbox One controllers have been tested and work fine and so do 90% of the other controllers. But unfortunately the hardware - especially controllers - is totally different and there are some few controllers that don't work.
So if your controller/joystick is incompatible please disable the controller in game.

If you start the game with a connected controller and your player rotates endless you may set the key-bindings of the controller. Quit the game and restart.
On start-screen there's a TAB called 'Input'. Here you can set the key bindings.

Indoor games

In the menu you can select 'Indoor' and a new scene with a big hall get's loaded.
Here you can select from 2 new races and a jump competition.

New vehicles

Some new vehicles like a double- and a three-decker, a Zeppelin, aHovercraft and some more have been added.
Also there's a new glider wich gets pulled by a rope into the air.

New camera positions

In addition to the onboard camera there are 9 new view-positions around the vehicle. You may select them by pressing the keys 1-0.
(1 is the standard onboard position.)


If you are at the lake and set the sky to night-time, a new RC market booth will appear where you can select from 3 different fireworks (just for fun - no controls).

Have a lot of fun!


RC Fun City - MAC.zip 430 MB
Feb 17, 2018
RC Fun City - Linux.zip 431 MB
Feb 17, 2018
RC Fun City - Windows.zip 680 MB
Feb 17, 2018

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